Lost my journal

Ramblings about my life as a wife, mama, Christ-follower and medical doctor…

I am Lauren Joy. So who am I?

I suppose I am many things but would hope that my defining characteristic be Christ.

I am married to Dwain. We’ve been happily (for the most part) trotting along for 7 years on 26 Dec 2018 Dv. Dwain has taught me much about love and more about myself than anyone else.

I’m a mom squared to the 2 most beautiful boys on the planet (yes I know all moms believe that but really:). Judah is 20 months and Hosea 2 months old and yes the age gap is tight.


I’m a doctor who hasn’t quite found my feet as to exactly where my place in Medicine is, especially in the light of the awesomeness of motherhood. I’ve had an adventurous journey in my career thus far. Taking me to strange and interesting places and has finally settled me into what is now home -Ceres. I agree that “home is where the heart is” and that is indeed where my family is but there a peace and settled-ness that’s come with being in this little “platteland dorpie”.

I am passionate about my family, food (making but mostly eating it), traveling with an emphasis on exploring, creating things, finding bargains and helping make others lives a little better. This sometimes happens through work (kinda my job description) but it is even more rewarding -outside of it.

So I used to enjoy writing and being creative, allowing it to take me to places that surprised even me. Pretty and economic personalised Christmas gifts, poems and humorous obituaries etc. Yes, it’s not good that it takes such occasions to unlock my creativity and emotions but the busyness of life has always made writing feel less important. On the few occasions I have journaled it’s been in random books/ diaries. Because of my “Los-kop” scatter brainedness I can never quite find these when the opportunity calls for it. Unlike a diary, a blog is always findable:)

So I’ve decided on journaling “on line” to:

  1. Help me stop and reflect more
  2. Keep a record of important thoughts/ events in my life
  3. Grow in my writing “skills”

For those who took the time to read, thanks for sharing in my life and my journey of journaling.

2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins: Who and Why

  1. Congrats on posting your very first blog post! Here’s to many more!


  2. Lauren Joy says:

    Whoop whoop.. Thanks my buddy. You are the wind beneath my wings 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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