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There was a saying I saw on Facebook the other day: “Every coloured family has a Titi”.

On the 29th October 2018 we lost ours.

Although her health had been on a decline, her death came as a shock to us all.

Titi was the life of the party. She was also the one who arranged the party. And then also the one who kept the party going. Titi provided days of laughter with dramatic imitations of family members, accents, koortjie Engels. With Titi there was always something to laugh about. Titi always made sure to make mama secretly smile and Judah juig by “putting in the note” to end our evenings together in worship. “Roep sy naam”, “Die genade van Die Heer is genoeg vir my” are songs I’ll never be able to sing without memories of our Titi.

Her passing came so fast and has left our family in pain and our hearts in pieces. There are just too many reminders of her. Her life was so large, her laughter-loud, and her love and legacy -lasting.

I’m so glad for the last cup of tea Dwain and I were able to have with Titi and Uncle Joey. It was an intentional date. We’ve made it a family value to spend intentional time with individuals who are important to us and to let them know that they are precious to us.

I still wish there was another cup of tea to share though. A few more questions I could ask, a few more hugs I could give.

I am more motivated than ever, to keep drinking tea with loved ones. To ask those questions. Give those hugs. In fact, in future, I would like to share from the wealth of wisdom that comes from my celebrities and hero’s and make sure they are famous in my world.

“Ons moet aanhou elke Sondag saam mekaar tee drink, sommige families kan nie eers ‘n koppie water saam mekaar drink nie”.

In honor of Titi.. sal ons aanhou teetjies drink♥️

3 thoughts on “Ons sal aanhou teetjies drink: A tribute to Titi Dianne♥️

  1. Crystal says:

    Thank you for this Lauren. Titi was truly a gift from God to our family; what a force to be reckoned with!! I thank God that I had the privilege of having her in my life. Here’s to Titi #withakoppietee…

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  2. Yolenetjie says:

    Ja my Choppa en so het ek en jy ook tee gedrink, ek koni ry voor ons nie eers n teetjie gedrink het nie. En ooh Faith het gevra wie gaan nou vi ons soet brood bak.
    Net jy my liefie.
    Ek mis jou

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  3. Heinrich says:

    Tietie you you are my best friend you are my best friend tietie you you are my best friend you’re the greatest friend I know in life #singing

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