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Ramblings about my life as a wife, mama, Christ-follower and medical doctor…

The Perils and Pleasures of a life in Medicine has probably given you a good idea as to my current feelings concerning being a doctor. This blog post is the aftermath of those thoughts and feelings .
Our second precious little boy -Hosea William– was born on 27 September 2018. Soon after his birth I realized I would not be able to return back to work (and studies). I felt the exact same way with Judah but financially staying at home was not a possibility. There was also the added stress of having started a Master’s program and feeling pressure not to quit half way (pressure mostly put on me by myself).
This left me feeling trapped and on an emotional roller coaster every other day. I honestly think that if I worked a 8-5pm job I would’ve been able to pull through. But my work contract and speciality training requirements were the full overtime package (240 hours p/ month) excluding after hour University projects and studies. All or nothing. Dwain really felt my pain and was often left alone to struggle it out by himself (with a baby who refused to drink a bottle and insisted only on his mama’s breast). 

Big brother Judah and Little brother Hosea

Soon after my maternity leave with Judah we set out on a mission (which we are still pursuing) to financial freedom. This journey started with being introduced to Dave Ramsey  and his baby steps https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OC_6WqXA1ps. We had to stay jet focused, as a gazelle fleeing from the hunters hand (Prov 6:3-5) especially in our approach to debt. It is not without sacrifice (especially from my beloved Dwain), that I am now able to spend this precious time with the family. I’m not too sure for how long this season will last but for now I am so happy for it. As Ecclesiastes 3 puts it:  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. 

In our happy place

I savor every moment of being with my little one’s. I thank The Lord for His grace and for allowing us to stay focused and frugal in reaching one of our goals. We now live with “less” yet have so much more. 

Daily family walkee talkee

9 thoughts on “Laying down my stethoscope 

  1. Sjaska Hunter says:

    Such a beautiful family, Lauren! Keep on seeking His face, keep on delighting yourselves in Him, He remains faithful and true to His Word.


    1. Lauren Joy says:

      Amen! And thank you Sjaska. God’s blessings on you and your family.


  2. Lurisha says:

    Beautiful family Lauren


  3. Aretha Joseph says:

    The Lord is your source and provider. All the best for you and your family


  4. Melindie says:

    Laurie my friend, I’m proud of you, as always! May God bless you and your precious family xxx


  5. Tabita says:

    Hello Lauren!!! I haven’t seen or spoken to you in such a long time. Your family is too precious for words…you’re truly blessed. I miss you alot


  6. Natalie Meyers says:

    You are truly a great person, yes family time is precious, enjoy this season. Father God is a promise keeper, He says in his Word “ask whatever you have need of and it will be given to you…. Seek him, love him, obey him and he will do the rest for you and your family…


  7. Cynthia Kriel says:

    Dearest Lauren Joy and Dwain. God is our provider. Best thing for a mother is to be with her kids. Awesome. Enjoy every moment. Soon they will go to school and then you can decide to go back to work. Stay blessed precious Mom and Dad.


  8. Michelle Cook says:

    If anyone has the tenacity and the frame of mind to make it work you will Doc Joy
    You and Dwayne are so committed to each other and your family They are such angels
    Stay focused and keep the faith Don’t think of anything to the contrary Miss you 🤗


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