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So myself and  3 girlfriends decided to make some home made smears -Hummus and red pepper/ Sundried tomatoe pesto was the agenda for the day. Being a “home-girl” (stay at home mom) I now have time for these glorious challenges. 

So my Homemade Hummus challenge was inspired by the fact that:

1. I live in Ceres. There is no Woolies. Our little Supermarkets are often out of stock. 
2. I admire women who can whip up master meals from scratch.
3. Working off a one-man budget, I have to keep the budget tight and still impress Dwain with my amazing meals.

So, Dwain and I are in month 3 of our Vegan (or more accurately -Plant based) diet: a story for another day. We’ve cut out butter, cheese, ham and many of the normal goodies we used to put on our sandwiches. Dwain loves bread so finding alternatives was imperative.

For the sake of this post, I’ll share the Hummus recipe (will share other smears some other time). Turns out making it oneself is like 10 times cheaper than shop Hummus and just as good if not better! 

“Tell her to put that camera away!” Ilze: the inspiration behind this gathering


Makes enough for a very large pot 
(half the recipe if it’s too much for your family or else impress a friend by sharing some:)

2 cans chickpeas
2 lemons juice (and some zest)
1 clove garlic
1 heaped tsp cumin (ground)
Salt/ pepper
3 tbs nut butter (or Tahini)
Olive oil/ water (add to reach your ideal consistency -go slow)
Optional: paprika to garnish 


Chuck everything in a food processor and blend!

Add olive oil or water based on texture/ liquidity. Add salt to taste.

NB. Go slow with the tahini and olive oil-can make the Humus taste bitter. I didn’t have tahini or almond butter and so used peanut butter (3 tablespoons) and it’s just as good!

NBB. A food processor/blender is a must for your kitchen! Wish I knew this earlier. Picked one up on gumtree 2 weeks ago for only R400. Just too much that can be made!

Us proud of our final product

Bon appetite! 

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